The ICon Programme - Intercontinental Academic Exchange Programme is an international mobility initiative between higher education institutions belonging to the Santander Group European Universities’ Association (SGroup) and their partner institutions from overseas. The ICon Programme aims at the exchange of knowledge and experience between regions by promoting mobility for a different duration and type:

The ICon Programme is designed to:

In practice, staff members and students matriculated at partner institutions listed above can submit their applications through the ICon portal. Candidates will be evaluated and selected by a host institution.

The mobility is available in both directions from overseas universities from a given region of collaboration to Europe and the reverse.

In addition to the state-of-the-art mobility platform, the ICon Programme fosters bilateral collaboration between participating institution through facilitating establishing co-operation and learning agreements.

A wide range of study offers combined with flexible duration of mobilities addressed to undergraduate and graduate students, doctoral candidates as well as academic and administrative staff make the ICON an excellent chance to find a reliable partner institutions, to have a study period recognised, and to obtain assistance through a single contact point serving as a gateway to all partner universities.

The SGroup provides access to its member universities and its partners outside Europe. Candidates for an academic exchange programme will have to seek external funding to sustain their stay abroad. An updated list of funding sources is available on the ICon portal.


ICon - Eastern Partnership ICon - Latin America ICon - China
ICon - Eastern Partnership ICon - Latin America ICon - China